Minimal Electricity Winemaking
Maximum Electricity Wines

"My approach to winemaking is almost the exact opposite of most other winemakers. Typically wine is made with grapes grown in a comfortable vineyard and then run through a series of machines in the winery. I prefer to work with fruit grown in harsh environments that challenge the vines and intensify the flavors, and then treat it with true reverence by keeping it away from machines and electricity that I feel bash the natural forces and energy out of the wine and leave it ordinary and unexpressive."

"Wine is a living thing, and like every living thing it absorbs everything that's going on around it. That's why I make my wine in a candlelit cave, doing everything by hand including destemming and fermentation, moving the wine with gravity, hand bottling and hand labeling. I put a tremendous amount of effort into preserving the wine's natural tension, energy and vivacity, and capturing that in the bottle."